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Featured: Downton Abbey Episode 3 (Sun 9:00 PM)


  • Spectrum Auction

    Spectrum Auction Photo
    To address the wireless industry's growing demand for more spectrum (large range of frequencies used for various technologies), the FCC will be holding a voluntary spectrum incentive auction which wil... (read more)
  • Raising of America

    Raising of America Photo
    The Raising of America: Early Childhood and the Future of Our Nation is a ground-breaking, complacency-shattering look at child well-being in the United States and why it lags significantly behind tha... (read more)

Other News

  • Brit Floyd Returns with Space & Time 2016!

    Brit Floyd Returns with Space & Time 2016! Photo
    WNIT welcomes Brit Floyd back for another amazing concert experience in South Bend as The World's Greatest Pink Floyd Tribute Show returns to the Morris Performing Arts Center on Monday, March 7, 2016... (read more)
  • Congregation of Holy Cross

    Congregation of Holy Cross Photo
    Learn about one of South Bend's most influential organizations. Legends of Michiana: Congregation of Holy Cross... (read more)
  • Our Town: North Webster

    Our Town: North Webster Photo
    Armed with their own camcorders, citizens of North Webster created a video scrapbook of the stories that make their town special. These videos, along with interviews of the volunteers, are combined to... (read more)