• February 1st, 2023 Episode #704

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    Featured in this episode:
    1. Community Roar - Benton Harbor Area Schools

      Benton Harbor Schools has launched an innovative program titled, the “Community Roar” to help residents stay connected to the district. Families also receive educational assistance from the school district and other community partners. The bus has been equipped with a mobile computer lab and internet connectivity to allow community members to participate in a continuous learning series.

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    2. Adaptive Arts - Arts for All Ages & Abilities

      Adaptive Arts believes in helping students of ALL ABILITIES find their performance and artistic expression through traditional and adaptive means. The program incorporates a student’s choices and then instruct using adaptive language and creative ways to help immerse and engage students in their art form so they can be playing an instrument, painting, or dancing within minutes of their first lesson.

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    3. New Life Creations

      Art can be as transformational for viewers as for those who create. The Marshall County Jail is hosting a program that teaches inmates to process and express themselves and ultimately be moved through art classes. Participants learn to find their voice through artmaking.

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