Our Town Nappanee, IN

The Our Town series is all about these towns and the people within them who help tell the stories of what makes their special corner of the world unique. In the case of Our Town Nappanee , the region is rich in cultural and historical content. Everything from historical sites, to traditional high school sports legacy, the churches, and rich craftsmanship heritage; so many other special places that are known only to those who live in the area and know the true spirit of what Nappanee is all about.

There are many documentaries of this genre that are done by chamber offices and visitors bureaus from the local regions focus on the beauty of their area; however, what sets the Our Town series apart from the these documentaries is that these stories are videotaped and told through the eyes of the people who live and work in the towns. Each documentary contains over 20 stories.

How do we do this? With help from WNIT, ordinary citizens become volunteer videographers. Armed with their own video camera, they help capture the stories that make Nappanee special. Incorporated with footage shot by our team, the stories come to life through the interviews done by WNIT’s producers with the volunteer videographers. The stories combine to create a tapestry of why people who live and work in Nappanee are endeared to it. The hour documentary reflects the emotional ties of the people who live, love and are passionate about Our Town Nappanee.

Airdate: June 2018

Videographer Signup

We are currently looking for videographers in Nappanee. To signup to become a videographer please contact Brenda Bowyer (bbowyer@wnit.org).