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Featured: The Great British Baking Show (Sat 8:00 PM)


  • Give the Gift of Home for the Holidays!

    Give the Gift of Home for the Holidays! Photo
    Share our communities with family, friends and out-of-towners with an Our Town gift package. Mix and match your favorite Our Town programs on DVD to give as gifts. With 14 Our Towns available you’re... (read more)
  • Notre Dame: Campus Crossroads

    Notre Dame: Campus Crossroads Photo
    WNIT Public Television gives you an in-depth, inside look at the University of Notre Dame's largest on campus project. This exclusive documentary includes interviews with University President Father J... (read more)

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    Monday, August 28 at 8 & 9:30pm on 34.1 Our Town: Syracuse debuts on Monday, August 28 at 8pm with a reair at 9:30pm. Join us for some well-known and sometimes little-known stories about this small t... (read more)
  • Is Public Media Important to You?

    Is Public Media Important to You? Photo
    The Threat: On May 23, 2017, the President sent his full Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 budget to Congress. Like the “skinny budget” issued in mid-March, public media funding is proposed for elimination. ... (read more)
  • EducationCounts_Michiana

    EducationCounts_Michiana Photo
    WNIT Public Television’s newest local show, “EducationCounts_Michiana” airs on Wednesdays at 7pm, with additional airings on Sundays at 1:30pm on 34.1 and Fridays at 4pm on 34.2. Learning in ... (read more)
  • WNIT Passport

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    WNIT Passport provides extended access to a rich library of on-demand public television programming across genres, including drama, science, history, the arts and more! South Bend, IN; Month Day, Yea... (read more)