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  • Family Movie Night: Donkey Hodie Mini-Marathon! Explore all of the fun things about spending time outdoors with a @DonkeyHodieOfficial mini-marathon! Laugh yourself silly with back-to-back, hee-hawesome summer adventures, tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night. https://to.pbs.org/3uZK9qv
  • Same & Different
    1. Same, same. This is a great activity for the bathtub or a plastic bin outside. Offer your child a variety of measuring cups in matching pairs — that is, two half-cup measuring cups, two quarter-cup measuring cups, etc. Explain that in this game, your child’s job is to find two cups that hold the same amount of water. Explore the concept of measurement through stories like Me and the Measure of Things by Joan Sweeney.
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  • #BookLoversDay What is your kid's favorite book? Here are four ways to help your family spend more time together through reading! #BookLoversDay https://to.pbs.org/3PE6dib
  • Sink or Float?
    1. Sink or float? This activity can be done in the bathtub, or a bin inside or outside. Gather up items from around your home or outside — anything that you don’t mind getting wet! Then try your very own science experiment: Think over which items you think will sink and which ones will float. Then test them out and observe!
  • Family Movie Night: Pinkalicious & Peteriffic Marathon! Pinkalicious and her brother Peter are always up for an artful adventure! Tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night, don't miss a @PinkaliciousAndPeterrificPBS mini-marathon of pinkatastic fun! https://to.pbs.org/3uZK9qv
  • World Elephant Day 🐘 Going on safari is all about observing animals in their natural habitat. 🐘 In this activity, help your child practice observation skills by taking them on a “safari-at-home” photo tour! https://to.pbs.org/3vjGJPN
  • PBS KIDS Talk About...Favorite Things About Learning PBS KIDS Talk About: Favorite Things About Learning | PBS KIDS - YouTube

    PBS KIDS Talk About: Favorite Things About Learning | PBS KIDS

    What do you like to learn about? What do you like most about school? What's something new you are learning? Kids like you share what they enjoy – from writing fables to learning new languages to outdoor adventures during homeschool – in honest conversations with their parents and caregivers. Watch and play more videos and games at https://pbskids.org or download the *FREE* PBS KIDS Video and Games app at https://pbskids.org/apps/
  • Parent Pause Skip scrolling social media tonight and instead take a walk or try a podcast!
  • National Immunization Awareness Month! Kids' fear of vaccinations stems from fear of the unknown. Here's how you can help your kids feel a little less fearful and, hopefully, more prepared when they go to get their shots. https://to.pbs.org/3PzjNng
  • Back to School Crafts A new school year is right around the corner! 🚌 Help your kids get into the spirit with these fun back-to-school-themed crafts and activities. https://to.pbs.org/3PC2Jgs
  • 19th Amendment Anniversary Does your family make decisions based on a group vote? As we mark the anniversary of the 19th amendment, it's a great time to talk with your kids about voting, fairness and making decisions together! https://to.pbs.org/3PxlIbV
  • Family Movie Night: The Monster at the End of this Story @SesameGrover is the star of his very own story, but he's afraid of monsters! Do you want to see the monster at the end? Tune in for the @SesameStreet special, "The Monster at the End of This Story," tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night! https://to.pbs.org/3uZK9qv
  • PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism Hosted by inaugural National Youth Poet Laureate, Amanda Gorman, this half-hour program features authentic conversations between real children and their parents and includes content from DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, ARTHUR, and XAVIER RIDDLE AND THE SECRET MUSEUM. The show looks at race and racial justice-related topics in an age-appropriate way and offers viewers ideas to build on as they continue these important conversations at home.For more resources on talking about race and racism, visit https://pbskids.org.

    Award-Winning PBS KIDS Talk About: Race & Racism | FULL EPISODE | PBS KIDS - YouTube
  • Parent Pause It's ok to treat yourself - hide a special snack for after bedtime if it brings a smile to you before the week begins!
  • Road Trip Success! Is your family traveling this summer? Do your kids get bored on the road? These on-screen and off-screen @PBSKIDS activities can help make your next road trip more fun for everyone. https://to.pbs.org/3aJUgZA
  • World Water Week Does your family practice saving water at home? Here are a few tips for how you and your kids can conserve water, all by making small changes at home! https://to.pbs.org/3uT8M8s
  • Get Involved in Your Child's Education Education is a team effort! Explore ways that parents can continue to be involved throughout the learning experience as our little ones head back to school. https://to.pbs.org/3o91jy8
  • Family Movie Night: Back to School Specials! It's almost time to head back to school! Get into the spirit of a new school year with @ArthurPBS, @danieltigertv and @HeroElementary, tonight on @PBSKIDS Family Night! https://to.pbs.org/3uZK9qv
  • Parent Pause Find a listening ear. Sharing your struggles can provide relief to you emotionally, but may also bring about new ways to try things from a different perspective.
  • Make a Cardboard Mini Library! We can learn a lot about storing and sharing resources from nature! 🐜 Get inspired by our ant friends — invite your child to make a mini-library for sharing books with family and friends. https://to.pbs.org/3aOZxzc
  • First Week of School Planner :) Time in the classroom is only part of the learning equation! Here are five ways you can instill a continuous desire to learn in your kids outside of school. https://to.pbs.org/3Oa7PiI

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