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Learn the Rules

Fill out the online application and,if necessary, send along a DVD corresponding to your name and address to 300 West Jefferson Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana 46601. If you are submitting a DVD, consider submitting a printed copy of the form. Just make sure the name on the DVD corresponds with the name on the form. WNIT is not responsible for returning the DVDs.

If dancing, please keep in mind the size of the stage, as well as the lack of any stage to soften the surface. Should you make it to the final round, WNIT's stage size is 18'x10' which may be smaller than stages available for auditions.

Our judges will review your performance sample and inform you as to whether you have been chosen to proceed to the next round. If you are chosen to proceed, you will be given a date and location where you will perform in front of our regional judges. If you are performing to a track, the producer will ask for a digital copy of the song in advance of the scheduled performance.

Rules For Performances

  1. WNIT maintains the right to exclude an act for any reason, including sexual gestures, obscene language, or inappropriate costumes or clothing. WNIT reserves the right to approve a performers' attire.
  2. Any performance deemed by WNIT to be too dangerous or that could possibly cause bodily harm to the performer or the audience will not be allowed.
  3. All acts will be limited to four (4) minutes.
  4. Performers who make their living on the basis of their performances are not eligible to participate in Michiana's Rising Star.
  5. All set-ups, such as band or stage set-ups, must be done within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of one act and the beginning of the next act. WNIT may call off an act should it take longer than the allotted ten (10) minute set up. Due to restriction in time and space available, bands shall be required to share drum kits and amps. Performers under the influence of alcoholic beverages or non-prescription drugs will not be allowed to perform.
  6. I grant WNIT the right to use my likeness as it deems necessary to promote, broadcast, or otherwise showcase my appearance in any way it deems necessary. WNIT has the right to edit any portion of my performance and has sole copyright for the broadcast and any parts of the production.
  7. I agree to indemnify and hold WNIT, the staff, Board members and its sponsors, harmless from any and all claims arising out of a breach of this representation. I hold WNIT, its staff, Board members and its sponsors, harmless to any injury during my performance, on the way to the performance or surrounding any event of the performance. Immediate family members of the Board or Staff of WNIT are not eligible to participate.