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Memorial Indiana Michigan Power

Brought to you in part by:
Memorial BrainWorks,
Memorial Hosptial & Health Systems,
Indiana Michigan Power,
and Kurt Simon.

Early Childhood Development

Tuesday, August 23

Representatives from Jones Obenchain, Centenniel Mortgage, and Cook Nuclear Power Plant competed to advance in WNIT's game show on brain health.

Panel Experts

Jill Lany, Ph.D


Dr. Lany studies early cognitive development, with a focus on language. Her research addresses the question of how infants’ sensitivity to seemingly simple information about frequency and co-occurrence, or “statistical learning”, can facilitate learning complex patterns in the environment. Her work has addressed the role that such learning mechanisms play in fundamental aspects of language development, such as learning words, categorization, and learning grammatical patterns.

Donna Turner-Campell, Ph.D


Executive Director of Stepwise, has dedicated herself to creating a diverse environment for nurturing academic success. She understands first hand that parents struggle too, when their children face conflicts with their learning abilities in the classroom. Dr. Donna Turner-Campbell is trained in elementary education, child development, school and clinical neuropsychology. She holds diplomate status with the American Board of School Neuropsychology.

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