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Indiana General Assembly

  • View the legislative calendar.
  • Watch webcasts of the Indiana legislation.
  • Keep track of bills and voting.
  • Locate your legislative representatives.

Find your legislator and write, phone or email to express your concerns for children and families.

Indiana Youth Institute ( has an annual data report on all thing Indiana. Individual county data is available.

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Tell the Congressional Progressive Caucus you support their proposal for affordable child care for families and living wages for child care teachers.

Take Action Now!

There are many ways you can engage in early learning advocacy.

NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) is the leader in supporting high quality early childhood education and the staff that work with children.

NAEYC website has many resources. Become a member and you will have access to member only resources as well.

These resources are available from NAEYC without membership:

  • Join our Children's Champions E-Mail List to receive regular updates and action alerts on federal and state early childhood policy issues.