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America's Heartland


An examination of American agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture and the people behind the scenes.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Heartland destinations. (30 minutes)

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  • Included: a program that helps farmers with disabilities; New York City farm museum; Hmong farmers in the U.S.; and farm families who are preserving churches. (30 minutes)

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  • Egg production in California; the Catoosa port in Oklahoma; a Hawaiian farmers market; a Wisconsin dairy farmer; and a wood carver. (30 minutes)

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  • Fishing on a Montana ranch; an Arkansas family's passion for produce; a multigenerational ranch; and offering seafood directly to consumers. (30 minutes)

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  • A food-to-table hotel restaurant; a community botanical garden; colony collapse disorder; and a Northern Califonria urban farmer. (30 minutes)

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Available Online Episodes

  • 1001 - Sunflower seed snacks, building a better tomato, protecting seed stock, improving soil.
  • 1002 - Raising crops without soil, produce garden on the roof of grocery store, & more!
  • 1003 - The world’s most famous hot sauce, historic farms, Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall wedding
  • 1004 - Colorado potatoes, new Idaho potato varieties, large Arkansas sweet potatoes,
  • 1005 - Artisanal wines & beers, California artisinal vodka, kentucky bouron, Kona coffee, wine
  • 1006 - Alabama local food, pork recipe with a strawberry sauce, tropical farmers market
  • 1007 - Urban gardening, 300 year old farm, urbanization in historic Massachusetts, mushrooms
  • 1008 - Prize winning peaches, Massachusetts cranberry bogs, Vermont maple sugaring, strawberries
  • 1009 - Improved sugarcane soil farming, grilled peach recipe, Michigan improves the environment
  • 101 - Celebrate agriculture by profiling the people, places, and processes of American farming!
  • 1010 - Jason Shoultz travels the country to explore why bacon continues to grow in popularity
  • 1011 - Battling bugs and bacteria to make our food safer, into the woods to encounter feral hogs
  • 1012 - High school farming students, school bus powered by soybeans, cheese biscuits
  • 1013 - Cotton, cotton harvest, cotton fibers are transformed into denim jeans
  • 1014 - Climate change affecting American agriculture, farmers learn to do more with less water
  • 1015 - Visit a wedding farm. Michigan sisters growing ripe red apples. Campfire cooking rancher.
  • 1016 - Veterans transition from combat to life on the land. Hmong farming community.
  • 1017 - Fishermen face challenges, farmer trying to create the perfect pepper, wine from Wyoming
  • 1018 - William Randolph Hearst ranch, Alabama woman rancher improves environment, buffalo
  • 1019 - California rice farm focus on preserving wildlife, North Carolina award winning cheese.
  • 102 - New England Syrup, Iceberg lettuce in Arizona, Schmeckfest celebration.
  • 1020 - Chicago Marriott sources food from local farmers, rooftop garden, honeybees, botanical
  • 1021 - heirloom furniture, world class fly fishing, horse & buggy outings, shrimp & scallop bake
  • 1022 - A Likely Story - Saddle up for a cattle drive and a visit in tiny Likey, CA
  • 103 - Soybean biofuel, Cracker cattle, Kentucky corn, Georgia peanuts.
  • 104 - Get some of the biggest stories in American framing straight from the heartland!
  • 105 - Explore America’s organic farms, few and far in between.
  • 106 - Save old barns, Gloucester fisherman, horse and hand power in Illinois to Kentucky grain.
  • 107 - Montana rancher icon, Wyoming cattle auction, Louisiana crayfish farm, Illinois reindeer
  • 108 - Big Sky country grains, Maine lobster, Nebraska grass, Texas sugar cane.
  • 109 - Flint Hills of Kansas, Idaho vs Maine potatoes, potato chips in Ohio, Texas spinach
  • 110 - American bison, fuel to agriculture, being “earth-friendly”, celebrate heartland music.
  • 1101 - California rice farmer sells direct to consumers. Farm to Fork turkey burgers.
  • 1102 - New Mexico farmers raise free-range birds using yurts. Plantation celebrates two centuries
  • 1103 - Arizona farmers raise crops in America’s “Winter Salad Bowl.” Cauliflower frittata recipe.
  • 1104 - A California farmer offers homegrown mushroom kits, Native American wild rice harvest.
  • 1105 - “Big Apple” story at New York orchard. Sharon Profis delivers a recipe for carrot soup.
  • 1106 - Georgia peanut farmer with a local peanut delicacy, and Tennessee's annual “Mule Day!
  • 1107 - California central valley farm family found success with sweet potato spirits.
  • 1108 - Visit an Oregon farm growing acres and acres of bright tulips.
  • 1109 - Rob Stewart joins city folks in a great escape to the country for a "Haycation".
  • 111 - From tobacco to strawberries and flowers in NC, and what’s destroying the heartland?
  • 1110 - Jason Shoultz joins the Cox and Heaton ranch families in Utah for a cattle drive!
  • 1111 - A program in Colorado is helping veterans transition to new careers as farmers.
  • 1112 - We visit the Coppola and Rodney Strong wineries where winemakers protect the environment.
  • 1113 - Reporter Akiba Howard spends time with singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey
  • 1114 - We’ll take you to Oregon where hops are an essential ingredient in making special brewery.
  • 1115 - Visits an Illinois soybean farm. Sharon Profis shares an exotic recipe using coconut milk
  • 1116 - Visit a dairy, and a dairy that visits you! Learn about Maple syrup and Tupelo Honey.
  • 1117 - Rob Stewart takes us down south for a Georgia watermelon harvest. A unique spinach recipe!
  • 1118 - Come along to the California olive groves to meet the growers, and learn about olive oil!
  • 1119 - Rob Stewart takes you to Illinois where a special program has brought wild bison back.
  • 112 - walnuts, wild horses in the West, Montana organic farming, Wisconsin dairy country, feta
  • 1120 - Visit the asparagus fields of northern California and an Ohio farmer turned restaurateur.
  • 113 - Wyoming sheep, Mount Rainier cherries, Washington orchids, Maine apples, Australian birds.
  • 114 - The Farm Progress Show, Kansas State Fair, Nebraska corn farmer, Maine blueberries.
  • 115 - Organic milk, Bluegrass music, North Carolina tobacco, goat milk soap in Montana.
  • 116 - Dive into the historical roots our country bases its agricultural still today.
  • 117 - Hawaii agriculture: coffee, vanilla orchids, chocolate.
  • 118 - Texas, Lake Superior, Pennsylvania mushrooms, North Carolina truffles, Chile Festival.
  • 119 - Virginia farm tourist attraction, Future Farmers of America, Georgia hogs,Indiana pickles.
  • 120 - Mandarin oranges, desert shrimp farm, dehydrated food company in Texas, Indiana ducks.
  • 1201 - Head south for a harvest of crawfish in Louisiana.
  • 1202 - Arizona's plan to turn algae into livestock feed.
  • 1203 - Spend sun up to sundown with a hard-working Kansas farm family.
  • 1204 - Wyoming goats are essential to a cattle ranching operation.
  • 1205 - Visit a California farm community pulling together to save pollinating honeybees.
  • 1206 - Washington farmers deliver a big, sweet, cherry harvest
  • 1207 - Northern California ranch saves wild mustangs.
  • 1208 - Examine the smartphone's potential for farming in third-world nations.
  • 1209 - Find out where California rice farmers have found a market for Japanese-style sake.
  • 1210 - We follow a California cattle rancher as he leads his last cattle drive.
  • 1211 - A program helps farmers with disabilities keep working their land.
  • 1212 - Montana family finds success with farming and fishing.
  • 1213 - Saddle up for an Old West cattle drive in Utah.
  • 1214 - Host Jason Shoultz explores the many uses for soybeans.
  • 1215 - Get a first-hand look at the sugar beet industry in action.
  • 1216 - This special edition takes you to our favorite heartland destinations.
  • 1217 - Farmers respond to changes in getting eggs from the farm to your table.
  • 1218 - Chicago Hotel Restaurant sources food from local farmers.
  • 1219 - We visit the Padlock Cattle Ranch, a huge ranching operation that also welcomes tourists.
  • 1220 - Visit the Adams Cattle Ranch where Bud Adams is celebrated for his wildlife photographs.
  • 201 - Wyoming cattle ranch, Florida grapefruits, juiciest watermelons found in the desert.
  • 202 - Meet Willie Nelson, Kentucky machinery show, TN mule breeders, CA restores farm equipment.
  • 203 - Unique crops in Tennessee, Indiana hardwood, Florida alligators.
  • 204 - Agriculture in Louisiana and Mississippi felt the wrath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
  • 205 - Beer makers in St. Louis, tasty crustaceans in the Gulf of Mexico, visit a Missouri dairy
  • 206 - New ag approaches to save cities, farmers in training, good grades in school gardens.
  • 207 - Braceros during WWII, ride Texas, Georgia and California peaches are so sweet!
  • 208 - American country music, gulf coast shrimp, honeybeeds, freshwater pearls in Tennessee.
  • 209 - Preserve farm land, farmers markets from Maine to California, winemakers in Kentucky.
  • 210 - The Mississippi River provides rich opportunities and resources for Southern farmers!
  • 211 - Fulton Fish Market, California sturgeon farm, SF caviar, East Coast gourmet foods.
  • 212 - NYC harvest’s bees, raising livestock in TN, green thumb for horticulture!
  • 213 - South Carolina and Arkansas rice, save a farm in Connecticut, Ohio alpaca ranch.
  • 214 - Washington wheat farm, local produce, CA food festival, South Carolina tea plantation
  • 215 - Alabama cotton, Iowa’s mightiest machines, an aquaculture farmer who harvests shellfish
  • 216 - Visit Alaska and meet descendants of a bold Depression-era farming experiment.
  • 217 - City folks & ranch hands test riding and roping skills —putting a twist on western life.
  • 218 - High tech equipment, Death Valley trees, Utah corn field art, Oregon hazelnut farm!
  • 219 - Utah’s agriculture is alive and well—with a long history to share!
  • 220 - Alabama poultry, Wisconsin cranberries, California almonds, Washington Dahlias.
  • 301 - Delaware farm sells, Kansas family farm, immigrant family in CA.
  • 302 - Colorado cattle ranching, Iowa corn, bio-fuels in Michigan, olive oil business in CA.
  • 303 - Las Vegas ag abundance, pig farmer goes green, salmon dog treats, N.Dakota ag art.
  • 304 - Spring harvests, bee colonies, Delaware sun power, Kansas migrant harvesters
  • 305 - Wheat, grains, fruits, vegetables, and peanuts.
  • 306 - Dangerous pests in Florida, Navajo tribe, CA citrus grower,oldest ag research in Illinois.
  • 307 - Michigan dairy farm, Alaska’s fresh produce, sweet and creamy chocolate.
  • 308 - Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, NM passion for plants, Virginia family farms.
  • 309 - Blue crabs, CO elk and buffalo ranching, Jersey fresh produce, WA State braceros.
  • 310 - Crop dusters in MS, crops under glass in MI, CA cattle ranch, corn and cows in Chicago.
  • 311 - Indiana dairy farm, Ohio vineyards, catfish harvests, and NJ farmers protect their land.
  • 312 - Indiana and Ohio soybeans, NY grain elevators, and fish farmers of West Virginia.
  • 313 - North Dakota wheat, Utah’s Farm Bureau Convention, NY State farm school.
  • 314 - Montana wheat, look back at America’s Dustbowl, West VA home cookin’, MS delta heritage.
  • 315 - Track down thieves in MS,illegal crops,fight for ag in the senate,feed the hungry in NJ.
  • 316 - Hoover Dam resource, America’s Winter Salad Bowl, IL grass into gas, CA tomatoes.
  • 317 - Discover rewards and challenges of life in the heartland.
  • 318 - North Dakota farmers,sunflowers, grain harvests,breeding better cattle.
  • 319 - Women are taking on greater roles in American agriculture!
  • 320 - It’s once a year wonders in the holiday spirit!
  • 321 - Take a look at how technology is changing agriculture in America’s Heartland!
  • 322 - Iowa is working to end world hunger,Cabot Dairy Farm,sugarbeets in Michigan.
  • 401 - California Lavender farm, West Virginia hardwoods, Texas cotton, Minnesota rural artist.
  • 402 - California walnut grower turning shells into power for the farm.
  • 403 - UC Davis vet programs, Rosewell adds to its fame, Florida bees make a special honey.
  • 404 - Solar powered racetrack, harvesting wind power, new demand for rice, automated greenhouse.
  • 405 - Agri-tourism, buy local in Rhode Island,and a Minnesota brewery’s line of beer.
  • 406 - St. Louis family farm, the Midwest’s sweet cream butter, and an ag photo shoot.
  • 407 - Learn about a horseradish festival, oyster harvesting, Texas wine and California lemons.
  • 408 - Natural disasters destroy farmer’s precious crops.
  • 409 - History of Agriculture,high food prices, horseshoeing in Kentucky, and Kansas art.
  • 410 - Kansas City Farmers Market,goat farming in Illinois,Wisconsin cheese,Farmer's Diner.
  • 411 - Henry A Wallace Country Life Center, capturing carbon dioxide, organic farming, goats.
  • 413 - Philadelphia,a Missouri hog farm,sausage restaurants,a pickle packing operation
  • 414 - Farm in Dutch country,Oregon seeds,exotic poultry,draft horses for farm work in Texas.
  • 415 - Learn about New Jersey cheese, Florida clam harvesting, citrus research sheep ranchers.
  • 416 - Visit New York City's gardens, an Oregon rancher, RuralPolitans and Long Island farmers.
  • 417 - The road to some creative uses for corn starts on Alan Tiemann’s Nebraska farm.
  • 418 - Farm Expo,New Mexico ranch lifestyle,NYC fresh from farm,Oregon farm family.
  • 419 - Learn about Pike Place Market, Long Island Sound, mushroom farming and new cotton uses.
  • 420 - Colorado livestock,California grasslands,Oregon seafood,Wisconsin winery.
  • 421 - Maine’s agricultural fair,cherry orchard in WA,Food U in AZ,feeding Fido in WI.
  • 422 - Colorado State Fair,hops and beer in WA,bio-diesel lab,largest twine-ball in the world.
  • 501 - Meet a wildlife photographer, inmates who farm, citrus harvesters and cheese makers.
  • 502 - Journey to see sugaring operations, a sheep drive, a grain business and a famous farm.
  • 503 - Explore a dairy operation, a flower nursery, a farm in transition and a pecan company.
  • 504 - Learn about a citrus disease, Texas Longhorns, a farm school and a sweet potato business.
  • 505 - Meet an ivy league farmer, rice growers, a wool clothing maker and a rancher with ZEBRAS.
  • 506 - Visit a cattle ranch, a successful farm family, a famous dairy town and a Utah Salt Mine.
  • 507 - Learn about a community's heroism, a fish facility, a horse ranch, farmer who will move.
  • 508 - Meet environmentalists, farmers who educate, chicken researchers and a barn restorer.
  • 509 - Learn about cattle rustlers, a family farm, the Burpee Seed Company and German sausages.
  • 510 - Visit Jewel's cattle ranch, a 200 year-old farm, a sugar beet farm and a breadmaker.
  • 511 - Explore Texas' role as an agricultural powerhouse in the U.S.
  • 512 - Farmers Twitter, sell specialty foods, keep up with trends, and use agri-entertainment.
  • 513 - Meet ag. students, shrimp farmers, "old school" ranchers, and a spiritual farmer.
  • 514 - See how Heartland produce figures into our vacation plans, on boats, planes, and trains.
  • 515 - Explore animal welfare, new vintners, timber sustainability, and a busy Delaware farm.
  • 516 - Unique cattle is sold, produce finds kitchens, city kids farm, and Mustangs run free.
  • 517 - Learn about lobster harvesting, experienced farmers, an Iowa farm fair, and working cats.
  • 518 - Visit Egypt and Morocco to see how American grain products help ease hunger overseas.
  • 519 - Explore farming research and meet the America's Heartland songwriter and young vintners.
  • 520 - Learn about potato farming, urban gardens, agricultural challenges, and sustainability.
  • 521 - Learn about the many uses for soybeans in a journey from rural Iowa to San Francisco.
  • 522 - Learn about crops' journey, seaweed farming, a farming couple, and a chef who goes local.
  • 601 - A Virginia rancher, Louisiana rice farmers, and Hawaiian coffee farmers.
  • 602 - Peanuts provide a budget boon. A primer on lettuce. New opportunities in using sea oats.
  • 603 - A Kentucky corn farmer battles a debilitating disease, Hawaii's palm trees, beets.
  • 604 - The secret to Tabasco's success, the story behind spaghetti, building a better tomato.
  • 605 - A Farm to School program, California strawberries, abalone in Hawaii, ginger.
  • 606 - A Kentucky farmer overcomes blindness, new ways to harvest energy, cotton, onions.
  • 607 - South Dakota wheat,Chef Dave Lieberman,oils,Ag Expo,potatoes,equine retirement.
  • 608 - Buses powered by soybean oil. Roses. Cheese. Working dogs. Artichokes.
  • 609 - Who better to lead a tour of the White House Garden than the First Lady?
  • 610 - Farmers with disabilities, a unique farm museum, Hmong farmers, historic churches.
  • 611 - Reporter Jason Shoultz saddles up for an Old West cattle drive in Utah.
  • 612 - New York family farms historic apple orchard. Saving food sources by saving honeybees.
  • 613 - A Wisconsin farmer mixes dairy and demolition derby driving. New potato choices.
  • 614 - A farm family leaves their corn crop to make wine. Artisan Wisconsin cheese making.
  • 615 - Hi Tech produce tracking protects food safety. Keeping home dairy delivery alive.
  • 616 - Farmers find new success with sesame seeds. You'll meet South Dakota's Dairy Princess.
  • 617 - It's all about cotton on this special episode of America's Heartland.
  • 618 - Protecting the future of agriculture. Chef Dave Lieberman cooks with Carolina Rice.
  • 619 - America's farm crops create great American beer. Gullah Grub should be on your table.
  • 620 - Dramatic rescues with rural air evacuations. An Idaho farm woman raising elk.
  • 621 - Travel to Minnesota to get a first-hand look at the sugar beet industry in action.
  • 622 - American farmers respond to calls for changes in getting eggs from the farm to your table.
  • 701 - A 200-year-old farm with a famous pig, Oregon tulips, avocado recipes, facts about fiber.
  • 702 - A dairy's that delivers more than milk, sheep shearing, supporting farmer's markets.
  • 703 - Celebrating crops with art, grapes and olive oil, The National Cornbread Festival.
  • 704 - Special Edition: Ranching Round-up
  • 705 - Saving waterfowl, a woman rancher honored, a pecan farm, healthy eating for kids.
  • 706 - A Michigan farmer growing under glass, Washington cherries, Georgia watermelons.
  • 707 - Rodney Dillard, Jewel, Michael Martin Murphey, a farmer celebrates the Blues.
  • 708 - Environmentally-friendly farming, hydroponic growing, foods that battle stress, mint.
  • 709 - Georgia peaches, an Oregon, celebrating the heritage music of the mountain dulcimer.
  • 710 - Agritourism is explored in Northern California, Wyoming, Michigan, Kansas, and Vermont.
  • 711 - Illinois Soybeans, Texas goat cheese, Connecticut cigar tobacco.