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Event Sponsorship

WNIT Public Television produces several special events throughout the year that attract both core PBS viewers as well as new audiences. Whether televised, on-line or "live," these special events offer corporations and businesses significant recognition throughout Michiana.

Membership Drives

Like every public television station in America, WNIT produces membership drives to attract new members, and renew current and lapsed members. WNIT membership drives are held in March, August and December and offer underwriters a range of benefits that include on-air, on-line and print recognition. There are also opportunities for sponsors to have their employees answer phones and to provide a corporate spokesperson to be interviewed.

Other Opportunities

Frequently there are other special events and projects that are available for corporate and business support, including several educational outreach projects like Ready To Learn. It is likely that WNIT Public Television has a project, event or activity that serves the market you wish to reach.

Please contact {V_NAME} at {V_PHONE} for more information about sponsoring special events and projects.