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Employment and Internship Info

Employment Opportunities

Freelance Producer/Director

WNIT Public Television is looking for freelance producer/directors with creative writing abilities and proven track records of producing quality television production projects and web videos. These positions will require committed individuals who can complete projects in a timely fashion. Must have ...read more.

Any organization that wants to be notified of job openings at the station may contact the station by phone at 574.675.9648 or by email at wnit@wnit.org. WNIT is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE).

Internship Opportunities

Many student opportunities are available through volunteer and internship positions with training provided.

Production Internships

WNIT Public Television is offering production internships to qualified student applicants. This two stage program offers development of real world, hands-on skills. Students will gain knowledge in the areas of studio and field production, operations, and project management. Stage one focuses on introductory technical skills. Stage two introduces students to advanced technical aspects and producing projects.

Candidates must be reliable, professional, and express a desire to learn. Prior experience is not required. Must have transportation and be available for live productions as scheduled.

Areas of knowledge to be explored include but are not limited to:

  • studio and field camera operation
  • floor directing and talent preparation
  • audio console operation
  • character generator operation
  • technical directing
  • non-linear editing
  • project management and producing

Opportunities are based on current production timelines and work loads during the internship period. Internships are offered year round. Depending on the season(s), your involvement in the areas covered will fluctuate. For the most comprehensive experience in all areas offered, WNIT encourages all applicants to be involved for a two year term.

For more information contact:

Brenda Bowyer, Senior Producer
WNIT Public Television
300 West Jefferson Boulevard, South Bend, Indiana 46601
P.O. Box 7034, South Bend, IN 46634-7034
Phone: 574.675.9648
Fax: 574.289.3441