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2013 Scoreboard

Round One Competition Scores

Dara Marquez2111133.6
Brandon Williams6223145.4
Joey Garcia5451235.8
Billy D.1345196.4
Matthew Smith and Kate McGowan13137427.8
Caroline LaDue38141418
Ivory West71937119.4
Deja Felder101513299.8
Jane Payton420918411
Laura Whidden19111116512.4
Samuel Jay and Jewels8211613612.8
Gracie Schutz21141061513.2
Michelle Giden17523111213.6
Jordyn Nutting1417229713.8
Jessica Agens2091282214.2
Joshua Claussen111018231014.4
Justin McCormick15241710814.8
Suzi Carpenter91815151714.8
Tanya Taylor22620201817.2
I AM BAND16226222117.4
Chantivia Wright24721242019.2
The Jhonny and Sallie Show122319212319.6
More Than Sparrows231224172319.8

Round Two Competition Scores

Dara Marquez121262.4
Brandon Williams212172.6
Matthew Smith and Kate McGowan433543.8
Billy D.354354
Ivory West446434.2
Caroline LaDue467514.6
Joey Garcia775525.2

Round Three Competition Scores

Dara Marquez113131.8
Billy D.212252.4
Matthew Smith and Kate McGowan451323
Caroline LaDue546514.2
Brandon Williams364364.4
Ivory West635544.6

Round Four Competition Scores

Matthew Smith and Kate McGowan313212
Dara Marquez122142
Brandon Williams231232.2
Caroline LaDue543523.8
Billy D.355254

Round Five Competition Scores

Dara Marquez111131.4
Brandon Williams222222
Matthew Smith and Kate McGowan333312.6