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    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
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    The Lizard Cage

    The Lizard Cage takes us to a vast prison known as "the cage" in Rangoon, Burma where the Burmese singer and protester, Teza, the Songbird, languishes in solitary confinement, a third of the way into a 20 year-sentence.

    He spends his days staring at spiders, talking to ants, enduring beatings and catching lizards to supplement his meager diet of pea gruel and rice.  Beyond the prison walls, Burma is in a state of turmoil and ruled with increasing brutality by the military dictatorship.

    Join me and my guest, Janet Umble Reedy has we discuss Karen Connelly's The Lizard Cage while preparing Mohinga, the national dish of Burma.

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    A Thousand Hills to Heaven

    Many of the world’s humanitarian efforts have been focused on Africa.  How can those in emerging economies not just survive but thrive? And can a country with deep scars ever be healed? Newlyweds Josh and Alissa Ruxin had no idea if they could make a difference but they boarded a plane anyway, determined to try. Join me and my guest Marshall King as we discuss one couple’s story of healing a Rwandan village and opening a restaurant named “Heaven.”

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    Garden of Marvels

    Ruth Kassinger's book, A Garden of Marvels, Ruth wants to know why her kumquat tree died while her other plants flourished. Determined not to repeat her failure, she set out to learn the fundamentals of botany. We explore her book on the secret lives of plants while preparing an autumnal repast of pumpkin soup, fresh greens, roasted root vegetables and baked apples, the food of love.  Join me and my guest, Evie Kirkwood as we discuss how we discovered that flowers have sex and leaves eat air in Ruth Kassinger's A Garden of Marvels.

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    Lean In

    Join me and my guest, Alice Martin here at the NIBCO kitchen as we discuss "Lean In"