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Under the Radar Michigan


A magazine that highlights Michigan's people and businesses.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Southeast Michigan

    A tour of Southeast Michigan includes stops in Pontiac, Oak Park, Novi, Ypsilanti and the Detroit Zoo. (30 minutes)

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  • Up Adventure

    WNIT InFocus 34.2 Stereo
  • Kalamazoo; Milford

    Kalamazoo and Milford are spotlighted. Included: a home tour; a visit to a special building; a look at a food dance; tricks from a mixologist; and a trip to a market. (30 minutes)

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  • Alpena/Holly

    WNIT InFocus 34.2 Stereo

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Available Online Episodes

  • Alpena / Grand Rapids - We start off in awesome Alpena and then head back to great Grand Rapids. Episode 507.
  • Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti - Grab your curiosity cup, cause it’s time for another UTR tale of two cities. Ep 703.
  • Battle Creek / Bay City - We return to Battle Creek, then we bounce over to Bay City. Ep 705.
  • Beaver Island - It’s another one of our awesome Island adventures - to Beaver Island. Ep 701.
  • Best of Restaurant Special - It's time for another patented UTR Best of Restaurant Specials. Episode 505.
  • Best of Restaurant Special 2.0 - We take you to some of our favorite eateries from episodes gone by. Ep 603.
  • Detroit - On this episode of Under The Radar Michigan, we spend the entire show back in Motown. 403
  • Detroit - On this very special edition of Under The Radar, we’re back in The Motor City. Ep 313
  • Detroit - This week we'll surf Detroit for cool and unique places. It’s all in Detroit. Ep 408
  • Detroit - We explore more of Detroit's exciting new frontier. Ep 604.
  • Detroit 2 - It’s time for another one of our patented Motown episodes. Ep 609.
  • Detroit 2.0 - We spend the entire show back in the Motor City. Episode 501.
  • Detroit Fun - We’re back in the Motor City for more dynamic Detroit doings. Ep 704.
  • Escanaba Adventure - Tom goes North for an Adventure in Escanaba. Ep 315
  • Experience Southeast Michigan - Explore the cool people, places and things that make Southeast MI a great place to be.
  • Flint / Eaton Rapids - All new UTR in Flint and Eaton Rapids! Ep 605.
  • Grand Rapids '17 - On this awesome episode of UTR, we're back in Grand Rapids. Episode 706.
  • Kalamazoo / Cheboygan - We come back to Kalamazoo for some guitar heritage, and more! Episode 708.
  • Kalamazoo / Milford - Tom Dalden goes to Kalamazoo, then heads east to Milford. Ep 317
  • Lansing / Marine City - Under the Radar goes to Lansing to visit our State Capital, then visits Marine City. Ep301
  • Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula - On the season 4 opener, we explore Michigan’s incredible Leelanau Peninsula. Episode 401.
  • Outdoorpalooza - On this action-packed episode, It's our first ever and official "Outdoorpalooza" show!
  • Pentwater / Manistee - We show you two more great beach towns. Ep 602.
  • Pontiac / Howell - We peruse Pontiac and head to Howell. Episode 613.
  • Rediscovering Detroit - We rediscover Detroit with award-winning journalist Oneita Jackson. Ep 510.
  • Restaurant Special - It's time for another one of our deliberate and delicious Restaurant Specials. Ep 707.
  • Road Trip – Woodward Avenue - Heads up adventure seekers - it’s time for another one of our UTR Road Trips! Ep 610.
  • Romeo - We spend the entire half hour in a city with so much history - Romeo. Ep 607.
  • Silver Lake / Midland - We do some off-roading at Silver Lake, then goes to Midland for food and Santa School 306
  • Southeast Michigan - On this special episode of UTR Michigan, we’re all in and around Southeast Mi. Ep 308
  • Southeast Michigan - 2 - The Under the Radar crew goes to Pontiac, Oak Park, Novi and Ypsilanti, Ep 316
  • Southwest Detroit - On this special edition of UTR, we dedicate the entire program to Southwest Detroit. Ep305
  • Sunrise Side - A friendly Fireside Inn, Michigan's own Iron Man, golf at The Gailes, and more! Ep 611.
  • Traverse City / Mt. Clemens - Tom Dalden goes to Traverse City for trail riding, then heads to Mt. Clemens. Ep 314
  • U.P. Adventure - We head north to show you why our state’s upper half is a place you just have to visit.
  • Under the Radar - Episode 710 - Under the Radar, episode 710.
  • UP Adventure - We're heading up, over and back to Michigan's incredible Upper Peninsula! Ep. 601.
  • Upper Peninsula Done Right! - We’re back in the UP for a skeet shoot, a fun float, a cool food school and more! Ep 702.
  • UTR “Road Trip” - Pack your things, buckle your seatbelt and get ready to roll down the highway with UTR.