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Politically Speaking - Elkhart’s Tolson Center

Episode #2008 - Elkhart’s Tolson Center
The Elkhart Common Council voted in 2017 to partially fund the city’s Tolson Center. The community depends on the center for programs from toddlers through senior citizens. Mayor Tim Neese formed an advisory committee to make recommendations to the Common Council and he, along with the heads of the committee joined us for a conversation.
Original Airdate: December 10, 2017

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  • Elkhart’s Tolson Center Photo
    Elkhart’s Tolson Center
    Mayor Tim Neese, Rev. Dannell Brown, Carol McDowell More Information
    Elkhart’s Tolson Center Photo

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    1. Mayor Tim NeeseElkhart
    2. Rev. Dannell BrownChairTolson Center Advisory Committee
    3. Carol McDowellVice ChairTolson Center Advisory Committee