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American Epic


The story of record company talent scouts who toured America during the late 1920s with a recording machine and captured the raw expression of emerging cultures. Here, the filmmakers retrace that journey and meet with the families whose recordings would lead to the development of modern music. Included: unseen film footage; unpublished photographs; and remarks from the last living witnesses to that era.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Out of the Many, the One

    Conclusion. How America's diverse cultures contribute to its musical styles: from the Hopi tribe to Hawaii's Joseph Kekuku to Mexican-American Lydia Mendoza and the Cajun Breaux Family. Mississippi John Hurt's blues inspires a generation of musicians. (90 minutes)

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Available Online Episodes

  • Blood and Soil - Travel to rural America as Charley Patton and Elder Burch record early Delta blues.
  • The Big Bang - Travel to 1920s as the Carter Family and the Memphis Jug Band make their first records.