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Ask an Expert - Human Sex Trafficking

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Episode #1001 - Human Sex Trafficking

On this episode we will the human sex trafficking trade and what local people can do to help make a difference.

Original Airdate: April 18, 2012

In This Episode

  • Human Sex Trafficking
    Human Sex Trafficking Photo Jan Pilarksi, Theresa Flores, Amy Smessaert, Becky Callendar, Stephanie Polito, Luke Klimek, Carolyn Hahn More Information
    Human Sex Trafficking Photo

    In This Segment


    1. Jan PilarksiDirector
    2. Theresa FloresSocial Worker, Activist
    3. Amy SmessaertDirector of Communications
    4. Becky CallendarProject Coordinator
    5. Stephanie Polito
    6. Luke KlimekBethel College
    7. Carolyn HahnExecutive Director

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