Economic Outlook: Five Star Life

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Episode #816

The numbers are astronomical and alarming. Junior and senior high school dropout rates have hit all-time highs. Over 1.5 million students nation-wide dropped out of school last year. Nearly 15% of all students dropout of school each year. Nearly 5% of all indiana students, or 15,800 youth dropped out of school last year; 7% or 38,000 in the state of michigan, 10% and nearly 64,000 in the state of illinois all dropped out and did not graduate. Over 36% of all drop outs happen in the 9th grade. ninety percent of all U.S. jobs will not hire a high school dropout. However in our region exists an organization called five star life, which transforms lives, providing our youth with an outlet and a pathway for success in school and life.

Original Airdate:
February 8, 2013

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