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Economic Outlook - "Green" Initiatives and Sustainability

Episode #820 - "Green" Initiatives and Sustainability

Interface carpet, a world wide carpet manufacturer out of north carolina, grew profits by $483 million over 10 years, in large part by incorporating and practicing sustainable measures, as well as taking waste out of the equation. Locally there are examples also: Penn Harris Madison saw a $3.4 million dollar savings by utilizing eco efficiency measures, and IUSB save 30% on their energy bills by also looking at green and sustainable measures. Municipalities and cities all across the world and U.S. are looking at similar efficiencies to help reduce wastes, costs and become more efficient operating entities. one of the biggest attributes to practicing sustainability, and most important, is the incredible, positive, affect it has on a community's quality of life.

Original Airdate: April 05, 2013

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