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Economic Outlook - K-12 Education

Episode #819 - K-12 Education

Education today remains one of the leading indicators to a healthy, vibrant, and robust community. Many K-12 school systems all across the region, have seen great success, as well as many challenges. Both Michigan and Indiana have governors in office today that are extremely focused on educational initiatives that help create more productive student outcomes, as well as both states have very active business communities that want to see its graduates become more workforce ready. So what does today's state of education look like?

Original Airdate: March 22, 2013

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    Dr. Sherman Ostrander, Dr. Jerry Thacker More Information
    K-12 Education Photo

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    1. Dr. Sherman OstranderEdwardsburg Public Schools, Superintendent
    2. Dr. Jerry ThackerPenn-Harris-Madison Schools, Superintendent

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