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Curious Traveler


A travel series that explores the hidden histories of European and North American cities.

Upcoming Episodes

There are currently no upcoming episodes of this program scheduled on WNIT 34.1 or 34.2, but there may be in the future. If you have questions or concerns about this program's schedule, contact us.

Available Online Episodes

  • Curious Bordeaux - Who got hitched at Bordeaux Cathedral and why was it such an important moment in history?
  • Curious Copenhagen - Why did Shakespeare use Kronborg Castle as the setting for Hamlet?
  • Curious French Villages - Why is there a giant wall around the tiny village of Blaye?
  • Curious Kotor - Why is there a beautiful, tiny blue-domed church floating in Kotorska Bay?
  • Curious Loire Valley - When and why were so many stunning châteaux built in central France?
  • Curious Oslo - Why are you encouraged to walk on the rooftop of the Oslo Opera House?
  • Curious Paris - Why were the Eiffel Tower and the Pont Alexandre III built for World Expos?
  • Curious Rome - Why is there a giant hole in the top of the Pantheon?
  • Curious Sorrento - Why did the ancient Roman rich and famous choose to vacation here?
  • Curious Stockholm - What did Alfred Nobel invent that led him to create the Nobel Prize?
  • Curious Vancouver - Why was Capilano Suspension Bridge built and what do all those totem poles mean?
  • Curious Venice - Where is the hidden symbol of Venice on the iconic gondola?