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Lucky Chow


Asian cuisine and its impact on American food culture are examined. Included: chefs and entrepreneurs who are keeping the traditions alive.

Upcoming Episodes

  • Asian Food, American Dreams

    The Season 2 finale focuses on Asian-American entrepreneurs, including Tim Wildin, the Chipotle executive whose Thai aunties' recipes contribute to the menu at Shophouse; Lynda Trang Dai, the "Vietnamese Madonna" who's now the queen of banh mi sandwiches in Orange County's Little Saigon; and Charles Phan, whose Slanted Door was named best restaurant in the country by the James Beard Foundation. (30 minutes)

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  • Trending Japanese

    The Season 2 premiere features American manifestations of otaku, the Japanese trope that combines cutting-edge pop culture with fetishistic obsession. Included: New York's first cat cafe; a Brooklyn izakaya run by a Frenchman in thrall to Japanese anime and manga; and a California suburban mom who's a star on the international bento-box circuit. Also: Danielle gets in the sumo ring with a 600-pound opponent and then helps him make chanko nabe, the sumo wrestler's staple meal. (30 minutes)

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Available Online Episodes

  • Asian Farm to Table - Farmers are the new rock stars of the food world.
  • Asian Food, American Dreams - Asian cuisine is increasingly the engine driving the growth of the American food industry.
  • Food of the Gods - The relationship between faith and food is evident at three Asian houses of worship
  • Made in China - The rise of China has meant the rise of Chinese culinary traditions in America.
  • Taiwan's True Flavor - Danielle gets back to her roots in an episode devoted to the distinctive cuisine of Taiwan
  • The New Indian - A new generation of chefs is bringing the cooking of the second-largest country to America
  • Trending Japanese - Japan has mesmerized American foodies for generations and a new wave