Dinner & A Book: The Big Oyster: History On The Half Shell

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Episode #606

Here's a chatty, free-wheeling history of New York City told from the humble perspective of the once copious, eagerly consumed, now decimated eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginicas). Research addict Kurlansky (Cod, etc.) starts from the earliest evidence of Lenape oyster middens, or beds, discovered by explorer Henry Hudson and others as evidence that natives enjoyed the shellfish as a delicacy, much as the Europeans did.

Original Airdate:
July 26, 2008
Last Re-airdate:
July 28, 2008

The Book

The Big Oyster: History On The Half Shell
By Mark Kurlansky

The Menu


Oyster Fritters
Oyster Pigs in Blankets
Timothy's Miso Asian Painted Oysters

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  1. Oyster Pigs in BlanketsRecipe

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