Experience Michiana: June 12th, 2013

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About This Episode

Episode #423

Tonight, Brandon Mcknight and John Collins will share about the Brandon Mcknight 1st Annual All-Star Weekend. Then we’ll take a look at The Music Village on the day they celebrate their One Year Anniversary. Also, Gordy and Steve Eddy will talk about the Potato Creek and Lions Strawberry Festival. Finally, Jennifer Ellis will tell us what’s going on in and around the Bend.

Original Airdate:
June 12, 2013

Also In This Episode

  • Introduction Photo Introduction
  • Arts Calendar Photo Arts Calendar
  • Tour De Unity Bike Ride Photo Tour De Unity Bike Ride
  • Live Music Calendar Photo Live Music Calendar
  • WSBT News Photo WSBT News
  • Shortcakes on the Blacktop Photo Shortcakes on the Blacktop
  • Closing Photo Closing

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