Dinner & A Book: Monet's Table: The Cooking Journals Of Claude Monet

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Episode #511

 This is the only know book by Claire Joyes who is married to the great grandson of Claude Monet.

Original Airdate:
March 8, 2005

The Book

Monet's Table: The Cooking Journals Of Claude Monet
By Claire Joyes

The Menu


Welsh Rarebit
Broiled Steak with Mustard
Stuffed Tomatoes
Bananas in Red Wine
Red Wine

 Use your imagination in decorating a dinning room table like those at the time of Monet in Giverny. Use this book as a guide to your presentation. There are many photos of Monet’s table. Blue and white china, salt sellers, low blue and white flowers and a white tablecloth would present a table at the time of Monet.  Use copper pots and put on a CD of music by Debussy. Arrange Monet paintings on the wall and be sure to toss in  some French phrases in your conversation.

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