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Dinner & A Book - Henry V

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Episode #513 - Henry V

 "Henry V" is a play that is associated with the opening of the Globe Theatre which opened in 1559 in London. It is a perfect play for these times because it is a plan about war, politics, history, and propaganda. As a young prince Henry V was wild, wasting much of his youth with bad company. He was Playboy prince. In "Henry V" he is a 25-year old monarch, grown into a warrior, a powerful leader and a brilliant military strategist. The play shows Henry planning and invading France in 1415, ending with the English victory at Agincourt leader, but by the end of Henry’s reign, he loses France and makes "his England bleed." In Henry, Shakespeare created a hero for England, and Henry is a mirror of all English kings: he had a clear title to the throne; he had military skill and could deal with the common man. The play was presented at the University of

 Notre Dame’s 2005 Summer Shakespeare Program and was debuted in the new Patricia George Decio Mainstage Theatre in the DeBartolo Performing Arts’ Center. The Guest co-host

 Dr. Paul Rathburn is the perfect co-host for "Henry V." A professor emeritus he founded and produced the Summer Shakespeare Program at the University of Notre Dame in 2000. From 1965 to 2000, Paul taught medieval drama and literature, modern American and modern British drama, Renaissance literature and Shakespeare at Notre Dame. He considers Shakespeare the greatest writer in the English language. He told his students that the "plays are about us." His enthusiasm for Shakespeare shines brightly in DINNER AND A BOOK. We base the menu and discussion also on the book. It’s an excellent source for everyday life in fifteenth century England.

Original Airdate: March 15, 2005