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Dinner & A Book - The Twelve Little Cakes

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Episode #502 - The Twelve Little Cakes

 This is the first work of fiction in English by the 29 year-old Dery who was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia...  Long before she was born, Dominika first appeared to her mother in a dream so she was welcomed with much love.  As the child of recognized Czech dissidents associated with the failed Prague Spring uprising, Dominika’s life would be far from charmed.  Her mother was disowned by her parents who were members of the Communist Party elite. Her father was an inventor whose politics resulted in this working as a taxi driver, but who remained an unrepentant optimist.  Rounding out the family is a voluptuous teenage sister and an enormous St. Bernard who was a famous Czech TV star.  Many Czechs, resigned to the dangers of living under communism, consoled themselves with the few pleasures the system had to offer: "cheap booze, public

Original Airdate: January 01, 2005
Photo of Dish
The Guest
Gabrielle Robinson


Stuffed Eggs
Pilsner Beer, Juice, and Cold Tea
Cold Blueberry Soup
Pork Chops in Beer
My Czech Grandmother’s Cabbage Simmered in White Wine and Caraway Seed
Mixed Summer Salad
Melon, Ice Cream, Raspberries, Pecan Torts and Czech Garnets

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The Book

The Twelve Little Cakes By Dominika Dery

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