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Dinner & A Book - The Raw and the Cooked

Episode #1602 - The Raw and the Cooked
Writer Jim Harrison has a voracious appetite for 3 things: the outdoors (ie, hunting), poetry and cooking and eating obscene amounts of fatty, rich foods like wild game, organs, head cheese. His writing is assertive and manly. Others think--a pompous arrogant lout. Gail Martin and guest host Marshall V. King discuss author Jim Harrison and create a meal around the Raw & the Cooked.
Original Airdate: January 14, 2017
Photo of Dish
The Guest
Marshall King

The Menu

Beefy Sirloin

Potatoes in garlic, rosemary and goose fat

Tuscan stew

Rabbit sausage sandwich with onions & peppers

Zucchini with herbs

Side salad

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The Book

The Raw and the Cooked By Jim Harrison Find this book on Amazon.

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